How to Propose in 10 Creative Ways

Published: 08th April 2006
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Many women can find marriage proposals made over a romantic dinner very romantic but not necessarily creative. Researches found that many married women believed that their husbands spent a lot of money on their wedding proposal, but not proposing in a creative way left them disappointed. Following are some ideas to help you propose using creative ways.

A creative idea to propose for people involved in a long distance relationship is to plan a surprise visit. You can ask a friend to give your girlfriend instructions for a scavenger hunt. Hide small surprises along the way such as flowers, candy and a CD. Then hide at the final location ready to propose once your girlfriend arrives.

Another creative proposal involving a camping trip could be a good idea. Plan a quiet trip for you and your girlfriend; hide the ring in your sleeping bag to use it easily when making the proposal. When it is time to sleep, you may take out the ring and propose. This idea is original because camping trip is not a usual place for proposals.

Have you ever thought about placing an ad in a local newspaper? This is an outrageous and creative idea to propose. You could even write in the ad that if anyone is willing to marry you to call you, and include a fictitious phone number. Read the ad with your girlfriend and pull out the ring while saying that you would love to marry her.

Another creative idea to propose is during a sport event. Arrange to broadcast your proposal over the public address system or to display it on the large screen. If you are thinking adventurous, contact the public relation department and arrange to make your proposal on the field at halftime. They might be able to arrange a certain scenario for you to win a prize, and then while you are on the field can make your proposal over the microphone.

One more idea to propose in a creative way is to buy a book of poems. Don't touch the first pages, but carve a heart into the last page and sew the ring to the back of the book. Suggest taking turns in reading the poems and plan to leave the final page to your girlfriend to read, and to find. This idea is both romantic and creative.

Proposing over the radio is another creative idea to propose as well. If your girlfriend has a favorite radio show, arrange for the DJ of the program to ask her if she will marry you. Know the exact time the DJ will be sending your message so the two of you are together listening. You may also ask the DJ to play a special song after the announcement to enjoy a dance with your girlfriend after she says Yes.

Still another creative way is to invite all of your family and friends for a surprise party. Tell your girlfriend that you want to have a quiet dinner for the two of you. Once you arrive all of the guests will appear and you could seize the opportunity then to propose.

One more creative way to propose is to pretend to have a blocked sink while your girlfriend is nearby. Hide the ring in the sink and act as you are working to fix it. Pull out the engagement ring from the sink and say something like "Of course the sink is clogged, I need another place to keep this ring at, what about your finger?"

Proposing over dinner can also be a creative idea. Drop hints that you would be proposing and she will be expecting it with each course. Finally tell her that you need to ask her a very important question, and then ask about something totally irrelevant. She may get angry at the beginning but it won't last when the waiter brings the bill along with the ring.

A final creative idea is for the women to propose to the man to marry her instead of waiting for him to pop the question. Add your creative touch and make sure the proposal is romantic and original. Both of you will remember this moment for the rest of your lives.

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